Definitions of Terms Used:

a. You / Your = the customer who asks to use our courier service, including anyone who acts on your behalf, such as employees or subcontractors.
b. We / Our / Us = Admiral Express Ltd.
c. Agreement = the order that you place with us.
d. Service = our responsibility to carry the Consignment to the delivery point.
e. Consignment = item/s that we carry for you from one address to another.
f. Collection Point = the address that we collect the Consignment from.
g. Delivery Point = the address that we deliver the Consignment to.
h. Damaged Consignment = a Consignment that is no longer in the same condition that it was in when we received it.
i. Prohibited Item = item/s that cannot be carried using our courier service.
j. Dangerous Goods = item/s that you ask us to carry that may pose a health and safety risk to others.
k. Proof of Delivery = either a signature or company stamp that is provided by us, the consignee, to confirm that the Consignment has been received at the delivery point.

2. Our Obligations:

a. We will carry out the service requested by you while the Agreement is in force.
b. We are within our right to make amendments to the Service when necessary to guarantee compliance with regulations or safety requirements. You will be notified of any amendments.
c. We will strive to carry out the Service to the highest standard of skill and care.
d. We are within our right to refuse any Consignment that we believe breach our terms.
e. We will strive to deliver the Consignment within the requested timeframe. However, unless this is agreed in writing, we will not be liable for any consequences of a Consignment not being received at the delivery point on the estimated date.
f. We will always aim to provide proof of delivery when the Consignment is received at the delivery point.
g. We will make one attempt to deliver the Consignment during working hours. If this is not possible, we will endeavour to:
i. Deliver the Consignment to an alternative delivery point, i.e. at a neighbour’s address, and provide proof of delivery
ii. Deliver the Consignment to a safe location at the delivery point
iii. If we cannot do either of the above, we will contact you to make further arrangements
h. We will not accept liability for loss, damage or late delivery where:
i. We have not accepted the Consignment
ii. The Consignment includes prohibited items or dangerous goods
i. In some instances, the course of delivering your Consignment may come with additional expenses such as tolls and parking charges. We will always inform you on these and provide an invoice alongside your delivery charge.
j. We are within our right to use alternative methods or routes to deliver your Consignment such as using subcontractors.
k. We are within our right to hold any Consignments until you have paid any invoices that you owe us.
l. We will not be liable for any damage, loss or expenses caused by you or a third party.
m. We are within our rights to amend these terms at any point; however, will inform you of any changes in due course.

3. Your Responsibilities:

a. You must not ask us to carry any:
i. Prohibited items
ii. Illegal goods or items that will be illegal to supply to the recipient
iii. Item/s that are not yours and you do not have permission from the owner to carry
iv. Items that do not have any necessary insurance agreements in place
v. Items that do not fit within our parcel size and weight specifications
b. You must ensure that:
i. Items have been correctly packed and labelled in accordance to our instructions
ii. You provide us with an accurate description of the Consignment
iii. If you need to file a complaint or claim damage of your Consignment, you ensure that the item and packaging is stored in a safe location until an investigation can begin
iv. If your Consignment requires additional equipment to be loaded or unloaded, you specify this in your agreement and ensure that it is ready at the collection and delivery point
c. If you fail to follow these terms, you will be liable for any loss, damage or expenses